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Youth Services

Te Pahuutanga is available in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi for those 12-25. Our youth workers are mobile and able to travel to see rangatahi in a suitable space.

Counselling Services

We offer FREE confidential counselling services to anyone wanting support to deal
with their addictions.
Referrals are welcome.

Residential Care

Our Residential Centre focuses on providing clinical services within a Kaupapa Māori framework. Importantly, it is responsive to the development needs of our people.

Tangata ako ana i te whare,
te turanga ki te marae, tau ana

A person who is taught at home, will stand collected on the Marae

Te Pahuutanga, youth service provides information, support and counseling for young people aged 12 to 25 and their family/whānau. However those aged between 18 to 25 may wish to be seen by the adult services.

Te Pahuutanga is available in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi. The youth workers are mobile and able to travel to see young people in an environment suitable for them. i.e. home, health services, work and Secondary Schools.


Our youth workers see a wide range of young people who:

  • Want some information or support
  • Want to kōrero/talk
  • Need whānau support
  • Worried about self/friend or family
  • Getting into trouble because of alcohol and other drugs
  • Hanging out/craving for alcohol and other drugs
  • Alcohol and other drugs causing problems at home, school or work
  • Using alcohol & drugs to cope with stress or strong feelings
  • Want to discuss sexual attraction issues


Our youth workers also liaise with other agencies who are supporting young people who may be at risk of alcohol and drug related harm by providing consultation, information and brief interventions.

For a referral to the service please contact (07) 348 3598